Manila businesses asked to share their CCTV images with government

Meet the New “ERAP” Security Share System of Manila – Oh the Irony! –

Manila businessmen may soon be required to become member of the new “ERAP” security share system which is being proposed in the region.

In the proposal which is coauthored by Councilor Joel Chua, ERAP refers to the Emergency Response Assistance Program – Major Joseph “Erap” Estrada’s new campaign to reduce crime and ‘speed up’ the city government’s emergency response to such crimes and events.


Under the measure, businesses must connect their security cameras to the ERAP monitoring centre, a communication hub based at City Hall. This will be a mandatory programme when applying for a business permit or renewal of the permit.

“For example, in an area where we need to install 50 security cameras but there are 25 business establishments with their own cameras, we could use these and reduce the city’s expenses,” Chua said.

The measure covers businesses with a minimum capital of 500,000 pesos.


Under an ordinance passed in 2008, businesses of this size are required to install security cameras on their premises in and around the Manila and Metro Manila area.

“Threats from lawless and criminal elements and the dangers posed by natural and man-made calamities will always be the challenges that confront local government officials,” Chua said.

By adopting technology, the city government would be able to make a rapid response to safeguard the welfare of Manila residents, he added.