Manila and Cebu rank low as ‘liveable and competitive’ cities in Asia-Pacific


Manila & Cebu Rank Low in Livable, Competitive Cities in Asia-Pacific – Study Says –

Manila and Cebu both ranked in the lower scales of “livable and competitive” cities in Asia-Pacific region in a new study by Building Better Cities.

The report showed 28 urban cities in all, ranking Manila at 22nd and Cebu at 26th.


Papau New Guinea’s, Port Moresby hit rock bottom on the study.

The report was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and released during the APEC CEO Summit on Tuesday in Manila.

In all, 39 indicators, grouped into five categories help gauge the cities overall ranking.


The five groupings included culture – social health – connectivity – health and welfare – environmental sustainability and economics.

Both Cebu and Manila were ranked kindly for their business outsourcing sectors.

However, Manila and Cebu were ranked low for their part in connectivity – Manila even took a beating for its low public transport systems.

Manila fell short when it came to health and welfare, as well as environmental sustainability.

The study showed in the end that the Philippines received a grade of seven out of a possible 28.


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