Mandaluyong schools turned into vaccination centers

Up to 10 schools in Mandaluyong City have been set up as COVID-19 vaccinations centers,  the local said on Wednesday in conjunction with a dry run for its vaccination program.

The schools that were turned into vaccination centers include Pedro P. Cruz Elementary School in Barangay Barangka Drive, which was visited by Mandaluyong Public Information Officer Marvin Capco along with local officials.

Mandaluyong residents will follow a 6-step process for vaccination, which will take 12 to 15 minutes, according to officials.

Those who pre-register for vaccination only need to go to the designated vaccination center on the given schedule said Mandaluyong City Health Officer Alex Santa Maria.

Each vaccination site has a waiting area, where vaccine recipients will remain before heading to the registration area, where they will show their IDs and QR codes.

After registering, recipients will be given a vaccination card and consent form, before they undergo a vaccination and counseling briefing.

The vaccine recipient must also undergo a physical checkup to ensure that they are in good physical condition.

Mandaluyong schools turned into vaccination centers

They will remain in the observation area for 30 minutes to an hour monitored by medical personnel.

According to Dr. Cesar Tutaan, Mandaluyong City Medical Center hospital administrator, they have an ambulance at vaccination centers for those who may experience an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

In addition, vaccination centers also have a public information desk, first-aid station, storage and supply area, and food station.

As of Tuesday, as many as 20,000 people from Mandaluyong have registered for the city’s vaccination program.

Mandaluyong local targets to vaccinate nearly 330,000 residents.

He said the local continues to conduct information drives to alleviate the residents’ fears about the vaccine.

Vaccine czar Secretary Jr. announced on Wednesday that the vaccination program in the Philippines would start with over 1 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines expected to arrive next month.

Galvez said earlier that there is a good chance that the first vaccines coming to the country will come from the COVAX facility.