Managerial Jobs in Human Resources – How to Apply


A company’s human resource department ensures the company is compliant with provincial, city, and federal regulations. Thus, human resource manager jobs are in constant demand.

In Canada, there are plenty of opportunities to look into. With new technology, there are even remote positions available in human resource management. 


Next, we will look at some positions that are in demand, as well as the requirements that need to be met to be eligible for them.

Managerial Jobs in Human Resources - How to Apply

IN-DEMAND Human Resource Manager Jobs In Canada

Dependent on the staffing needs of the industry, the opportunities for a remote or on-site managerial position in human resources will ebb and flow. Even with that, the need for human resource managers is set to see growth over the next ten years according to experts. 

That being said, some positions that fall under this umbrella are more in demand than others. Here are three such positions.


Employee Relations Manager

This position manages policies, especially in industries that have to deal with unions. This position will be responsible for the creation, negotiation, and administration of labor contracts. 

These contracts often have to deal with issues, pay, benefits, and practices of both management and unions. This position also deals with issues that arise between employees and management within the company.

Payroll Manager

A payroll manager oversees the company’s payroll department. They are responsible for ensuring timesheets are processed properly and on time. They relay payroll procedures, create reports for accounting, and help fix any payroll problems.

Staffing Manager

This human resource manager is in charge of recruiting new talent and onboarding them. Some will even have a team of recruiters. Staffing managers at this level may be in charge of creating strategies for recruiting to ensure that the company is staffed properly at all times.

Human Resource Manager SALARY

The salary of a human resource manager will depend on the size of the company and experience of the candidate. 

Typically, in an entry-level position, the new manager can look to earn about $52,000 a year. A manager with a little experience will make about $7,000 more a year. The next level of salary will rise to roughly between $70,000 and 80,000 a year.


Most potential candidates need a good combination of education and experience. Along with this, you should also have the following skills.

  • Decision making
  • Interpersonal
  • Leadership
  • Organizational
  • Speaking

Your eligibility will depend on the requirements of the company. Typically, a clean criminal record and a decent level of knowledge in the company’s field could help with eligibility. 


Most human resource management positions require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in the industry you are applying to. Some jobs will not budge on a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Having experience that demonstrates organization, management of a team, and well-versed knowledge of payroll and hiring rules is vital to obtaining most positions.

As for licenses or certifications, these are not necessary, but they can help your application and resume stand out. Things like a CHRP, CHRL, or CHRE from the Human Resources Professionals Association is a feather in the cap that may help you get that position.


There are many online job sites that have lists of available positions that you can look through. If you are looking for a good list of open positions to apply to, check this site out.

DUTIES of a Human Resource Manager

Some of the most typical duties of a human resource manager are the following.

  • Plan and organize employees to best use their talent
  • Connect employees with the company
  • Manage benefits program
  • Help resolve issues between employees
  • Help schedule and manage special or support staff
  • Recruitment and hiring process

Of course, depending on the company you work for, there may be other duties and responsibilities. But this should all be discussed during the interviewing and onboarding process.

Managerial Jobs in Human Resources - How to Apply


Companies are continually looking for human resource managers, and as new companies open up, there will be a need for more. 

Hopefully, the information above served to help you with any questions you had, and now you’re ready to get out there and hunt for your human resources management position.