British man who allegedly torched Vietnamese woman ‘fled to Philippines’

The suspect, who has been identified as a man named Gary, may have fled to the Philippines. However, some conflicting reports suggest he crossed the border to Thailand. Picture from Facebook, via Alan A Nicholls

A man accused of dousing a Vietnamese woman with gasoline before setting her on fire has possibly fled to the Philippines.

According to local media, the unidentified man launched the attack on Monday (January 11). Reports say he had become infatuated with the woman, who has also not been identified, and flew into a rage when he saw her with another man.

He then turned up at her tailoring shop in Hanoi and set his victim on fire. A friend who was visiting the shop with her child were unhurt and raised the alarm.

After he had fled the scene, a neighbour put out the flames with a fire extinguisher and took the victim to hospital.

The female victim, who has not been named, suffered 60 per cent burns in the vile attack. Picture from

Since the attack, a Facebook user called Alan A Nicholls, the husband and father of the mother and child involved, is appealing for help to down the culprit.

He wrote: “If you see this low life skum please contact me or your local police he douced his x girl friend in petrol and set her on fire also tried to kill my wife and 2 year old baby his girl friend has 3 degree burns to 60% of her body help us find this asshole He fled to to the Pillipines on monday please help get him.”

However, some conflicting reports in the Vietnamese media suggest that he actually crossed the border into Thailand.

Various comments on Mr Nicholls’ post suggest the suspect is called Gary, is aged in his 50s, and from the coastal town of Blackpool.

Anyone who spots the suspect is advised not to approach him but instead the police.

Mr Nicholls can be contacted on 093400747 or