Man shot bully in Cebu


Authorities arrested a man who shot a bully in Cebu City on Sunday.

Police caught Rolando Toradio, 37, who admitted the crime and said he had enough of victim 47-year-old Amador Santing’s bullying.


Toradio said Santing had ridiculed him and called him crazy for about a month.

Santing is in critical condition after the shooting happened on Sunday morning. The suspect shot his bully in the head.

Police said the suspect was intoxicated.


According to the suspect’s husband, Toradio was on drugs.

Six injured after tricycle fell in ravine

Six were injured after a tricycle crashed on a ravine in Rizal, Laguna.

According to police, the tricycle was heading to a tourist destination when it lost its brakes on the side of a road.

Due to overloading, the tricycle heads straight down the cliff.

The accident was immediately reported to the police, and the injured were quickly rescued and taken to the hospital.