Man pretends to be NBI agent; arrested for extortion 

On Wednesday, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested a former “civilian volunteer” who identified himself as an agent after allegedly getting more than P100,000 from those who approached the agency.

The NBI identified the suspect as Mark Cabal, a former worker who buys food for the agency’s operatives.

Cabal allegedly abused his NBI walk-in complainants several times, where he even offered “no appearance” to the complainants so that it would not be difficult.

One victim was even more impressed because he allegedly saw Cabal talking and seemed to know the NBI agents.

Another victim was told by Cabal that he could not get NBI clearance because he had two serious cases, which is not true.

Cabal, who has been charged with extortion, has apologized.

The NBI, on the other hand, reminded the complainants to go straight to their offices or the NBI complaint and record division.

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Aklan’s -19 response in Boracay strengthened

The province of Aklan has issued an order further strengthening the response to -19 cases, particularly on the island of Boracay.

Executive Order No. 003, Series of signed by Gov. Florencio Miraflores on Feb. 2 implements the rule of the Department of Health Memorandum No. 2020-0439 on detection, isolation, treatment, reintegration, and strategies for COVID-19.

This includes guidelines such as requiring hotels and LGUs to have their own isolation/ facilities.

It also includes a protocol in case there is a case of COVID-19 among workers.

The EO urges employers not to let their uninfected employees go out as much as possible unless they are important.

If they allowed to return home or leave the island, they must return within 12-hours. Those who cannot return must at the hotel’s isolation facility no later than seven days where they will be observed by the health and safety officer of the establishment.

The Office of the Provincial Governor issued a letter this Thursday informing everyone that the 12-hour rule does not cover Aklan resident workers who come home every day or every week.

Such a policy is only for workers of accommodation establishments or hotels, resorts, and inns.