Man murdered Filipina wife so he could go on Thai sex holiday

sex holiday
Horst Koenig and his late wife Grace.

A German computer expert murdered his long-suffering wife and cut her body into pieces so he could go on a sex holiday in Thailand.

Horst Koenig, aged 53, also cleared out Grace’s bank account to pay for booze and prostitutes in the Far East.


A German court heard he had been unfaithful throughout his 10-year marriage to Filipina Grace, 37.

Prosecutors said he wanted to take a sex holiday but knew she would “have to be out of the way”.

In November last year, Koenig whacked Grace on the temple with a hammer while she was asleep and suffocated her with a plastic bag.


Then he sliced her body into eight pieces with a reciprocating saw, stuffed them into plastic bags and dumped them inside balikbayan boxes in a warehouse.

Before he flew to Thailand, he typed emails to Grace’s friends and family saying she had left him to return to the Philippines “but that I will win her back”.

In Pattaya he met up with a woman he chatted with on the Internet. He told the court: “What she promised, seemed exciting, and many of my secret desires seemed to come true. I wanted to be with this woman.”

He stayed in the country for three weeks but was arrested on his return by police who had been contacted by Grace’s family.

Judges heard he was found with pictures of a young Asian girl on him. Koenig told the court: “This was a person with whom I got distracted with on the Internet from my gloomy daily life. My wife increasingly lived on her mobile phone to the extent that she once burned a pot on the stove.”

He claimed he wanted to kill himself in Thailand but did not have the courage to do it, adding: “Then my money was gone, the visa expired”.

Koenig, a chemical lab assistant, admits murder and faces a life prison sentence at Augsburg State Court in Bavaria.

The ashes of Grace’s body have been returned to her family in Lapu-Lapu City for internment.

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