Man killed father and made adobo out of his organs in Camarines Sur

Police have arrested 32-year-old Ardie Pares for the gruesome murder of his father this past week.

An investigation into the incident said that Ardie killed his 50-year-old father Eddie Pares with a bolo while he was sleeping.

Ardie then removed the organs of his father and made adobo out of the heart and intestines. Neighbours found Mr Pares wrapped in a blanket in a shallow grave near their home.

The suspect was hunted down and arrested in a remote area of Barangay Baligya, in the town of Presentacion.

The suspect was a known drug user and said he killed his father because he would constantly beat and scold him. He also said that his victim was not his biological father.


A case of parricide is being brought against the younger Pares.