Man hacked to death by partner’s ex

A man died in Davao City after being hacked by the ex-boyfriend’s of his partner, police said Saturday.

Authorities identified the victim as Vergillo Suicob, 38, who died in the incident on Thursday night in Barangay Buhangin.

According to the man’s girlfriend, she notices that her ex-boyfriend is following her.

When he saw that he was with another man, they allegedly rushed, and his ex hacked the victim with a 16-inch bolo.

“Sinundo kasi siya ng kaniyang kasintahan, ‘yong babae. Pag-angkas niya sa motor, hinabol siya noong ex tapos tinaga,” said Maj. Bernie Suaga, chief of Buhangin Police Station.

(Her boyfriend picked her up. When she rode the motorcycle, the ex chased them and he hacked him with a bolo.)

Police arrested the suspect, Fel Enilasan, 40, on Saturday afternoon.

According to Enilasan, he did not know that his ex-girlfriend had a new lover so he was angry.

The suspect has been charged with murder.

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Dangwa vendors complain of low sales during ‘pandemic Valentine’

Some vendors at the Dangwa flower market in this city are struggling to make a living this Valentine’s Day in the midst of the disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

“Medyo matumal, kasi maulan saka pandemic, saka ang mga tao hindi lumalabas ng kanilang bahay,” said vendor Pinky Buenafe Catudio.

In this pandemic, there are those who decide to avoid going out, particularly in populated areas due to fears of COVID-19.

There are also some shopping for flowers to avoid the crowd of people who are often seen in flower shopping hubs such as Dangwa.

But the flower shop associations in Dangwa are reminded to be careful now that scams are rampant.

Here is the price of flowers in Dangwa, which rose slightly this Valentine’s Day.


P900 / dozen (previously: P350 / dozen)
Malaysian mums

P180 – P200 / package (previously: P150 / package)
Ecuadorian Rose

P200-P250 / stick (previously: P150 / piece)

P200 / stick (previously: P150 / piece)

P80 to P120 / piece (previously: P250 / 10 pieces)
Variety Bouquet

P1,000 to P1,500 (previous: P800)