Man boards plane without passport or ticket at Clark airport

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Man Boards Plane Without Passport or Flight Ticket at Clark – www.philippineslifestyle

A man gained access to an aeroplane headed to Singapore at Clark International Airport without a passport or plane ticket.

Security officials at the airport are in hot water for allowing the gentleman to board the plane – an investigation into the matter has been ordered.


Just last year several people boarded airplanes at Kalibo International Airport, one making a complete flight to Hong Kong before being turned around by security officials in HK.

A report on the breach said the intruder gained access to the terminal at 1pm on August 3 through the arrival exit lobby door.

The man bypassed all security measures and ended up boarding the plane where a flight attendant noticed him and asked for his boarding pass, when he did not produce one, she demanded to see his boarding pass and then called security.


Security at Clark said the man was looking for his wife when he boarded the plane – sources say the man came from the airport’s greeting area, entered through the exit door for arriving passengers and went to the second floor to cross the boarding bridge where he then entered the airplane.

Clark security said this is the second time an intruder had breached the security measures in just the past few months – the first incident happened in June of this year, and involved a foreigner.

With the new influx of flights coming into Clark International Airport, citizens are concerned that the lax security and judgement could cost people their lives.

Clark will serve as an alternative landing facility for the Ninoy Aquino International Airport during emergencies, as well as producing a major hub for several large foreign airlines.