Man arrested with bomb says he was carrying it for communist group

Bomb Found at Davao City Checkpoint
Man Carrying Bomb Arrested at Davao City Checkpoint – (photo courtesy of Sun Star)

A young man carrying an improvised explosive device was arrested at a Davao City checkpoint on Good Friday.

22-year-old Roy Bulat-Ag Morena of Kidapawan City, was arrested after he attempted to pass through Barangay Sirawan – Davao City checkpoint at 6pm.


Morena was carrying the bomb in his backpack along with other bomb paraphernalia.

Police say Morena was riding a tricycle from Barangay Catigan, when he reached the checkpoint, he disembarked together with several van passengers that were stopped at the checkpoint.

Police said Morena attempted to walk through the passenger lane at the checkpoint with his backpack – police were called to inspect the backpack and found the material inside.


Moreno admitted to carrying the bomb, saying that the orders came from New People’s Army (NPA).

An investigation into the matter notes that orders from Commander Bobby of the NPA front #54 ordered Moreno to carry the bomb to Toril – there someone would meet with him and deliver the device to another region of Toril.

Toril Police are filing charges against Moreno for illegal possession of explosives, as well as being in violation of the Omnibus Election Code.

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