How To Make Professional Videos Using Your Phone

Forget about all those thousand-dollar programs, you can make professional videos using your phone. Yes, folks that have those smart thousand-dollar video-making programs will tell you that you can’t, but they’d be wrong.

Smartphones have made video recording has never been so easy and effortless. These allow you to record your own creative video and broadcast so that everyone can it. You can simply get the smartphone, start recording, and you have footage to edit and broadcast it immediately.

However, simply having a smartphone to capture footage is not enough. There are a lot of things you can and have to do to make your video shoot worth watching. With our tips up next, and some practice, you can make professional videos on your phone.

How To Make Professional Videos Using Your Phone

How To Focus On Content

Content beats the equipment every time.  A well-thought content is very important to film a professional video. The camera equipment comes second to the story if you have a good story to share. And you are set to showcase an entertaining content.

As a video-maker, you have to focus on the content greatly. Fresh plots tell the viewers that your channel is not just active and growing constantly but is also unique compared to the rest. In present days, critical responses to current affairs, DIY projects, game vlogging, and food vlogging make great content.

Lighting Plays A Vital Role

Lighting makes a huge difference in the making of a well finished professional video so one must make the lighting as one of the top priorities. The sun is the source of light for sure – it is free and accessible for almost everyone.

When you do not focus on lighting, your video seems to be substandard, even though other things are great. However, if you are filming with natural lighting, doing it in the morning or evening is best.

Midday light comes from straight overhead and thus creates harsh shadows on the subjects. Similarly, if you are filming indoors, you need to take care of the type of light and where you place them. Just make sure to avoid overhead lighting creating the shadows.

Use A Clean Background

Nothing looks unprofessional in video than a messier or distracting background. Therefore, you have to be deliberate about the background you use for filming. An easy way to give a professional look to your video is to use a solid colored background.

For a better and professional video filming experience, you can use a wall, a bed sheet, or even a large sheet of the background paper. A professional environment – the place where you work, can also be a great way to use as a background for filming.

But be careful not to film with a window or a reflective surface in the background. Having a light source like the window behind the subject can make it look dark and shadowy.

Keep Your Camera Steady

Shaky video or even a slight movement can ruin the professionalism in any video, even though your subject or content is very good. However, it is a Herculean task to hold the phone completely steady when filming.

No matter how steady your hands are, in long takes or sequences, it can be tiring. Thus, gimbals, tripods, or even camera cages can help you to keep the smartphone still. Using a tripod to stabilize your footage is paramount in creating a professional video with your phone.

How To Make Professional Videos Using Your Phone

Use Editing Apps to Enhance the Video

Finally, a little editing is required to make your footage go from ‘nah’ to ‘wow’. You can do the editing right on your smartphone with editing apps and tools. From basic trimming to the addition of effects, filters to transitions, some incredible effects can make it happen.

Apple’s iMovie can be used for editing the films that you created on your iPhone. It includes features like picture-in-picture, split-screen, slow-motion effects, and other title and transition additions. Similarly, for android devices Filmigo, FilmoraGo, Adobe Premiere Club, are some of the famous video editing apps.

All Set to Amaze the Audience

The more professional videos you make, the more your product or brand will benefit. With these basic tips, you can master the art of videography with your smartphone and make videos online. And these videos can be better then anything a professional makes.