Makati police shut down PETA activists dressed as animals

Makati Police Shut-Down PETA Activists Dressed as Animals –

Animal rights activists in Makati City were officially shut down on Wednesday morning after they tried to enter Ayala Avenue aboard a jeepney.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) were attempting to find their way to the APEC Summit with their “Jeepney Jamboree of Animals” when they were stopped by Makati Police along Amorsolo Street at 10.30am.


In the group of activists, the people wore an elephant, cow, kangaroo, dog, chick and a pink pig costume as they carried placards printed with “I am not leather” and “Stop Climate Change, Go Vegan.”

The slogans were printed in Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese so those at APEC Summit understood their message.

The activists were stopped as they were about to enter Ayala Avenue that leads to several hotels where numer APEC Summit delegates were staying.


The PETA activists were not arrested, they were just stopped from attempting to demonstrate their message at the APEC Summit. Police originally warned demonstrators that they were not allowed anywhere near the summit or its venues and/or the places which members of the summit were staying.


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