Makati police chief denies “Oplan X-Men” operations against LGBT members


Makati City police chief Rogelio Simon denied the reports that their agency has an operation called “” that goes after Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender () members.

The “Oplan X-Men” was brought to light after two Makati policemen were caught on video, inviting a trans woman to the police station for “profiling.”


Simon explained further that “Oplan X-Men” was just a misunderstanding. He said the PNP rescue women, including LGBT members, from illegal activities such as prostitution through “Oplan Magdalena.”

“It is part of our anti-crime drive. We are not singling out women,” he said.

The chief said he planned to meet with LGBT rights activists to avoid such incidents.


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chief denies “Oplan X-Men” operations against LGBT members

However, a Facebook post posted on January 23 from a page named Makati City Police Station Community Affairs and Development Section said “67 individuals were invited at Makati City Police Station for profiling and were eventually released at exactly 2:00 AM of the following day” following operations inside the Manila South Cemetery “followed by Oplan X-men” at Burgos, Poblacion, Makati City.

“Oplan X-men is an intensified operation that aims to rescue ladyboys from exploitation and human trafficking in ill repute areas,” the Facebook page wrote.

However, the said Facebook post is now deleted.

UP Babaylan, the longest existing duly-recognized LGBTQI student organization in the country based in the University of the Philippines Diliman, condemned the alleged “profiling.”

“TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN, NOT X-MEN. We strongly condemn Makati City’s Oplan X-Men as a blatant form of targeted harassment against trans women,” UP Babaylan said.