Maguindanao Massacre digger operator points finger at Ampatuan clan


The Maguindanao massacre digger operator who helped bury bodies in a pit and crush vehicles with victims still inside has broken his silence and described the grisly ordeal in detail.

The November 2009 massacre was orchestrated by the Ampatuan family, a strong clan that ordered the killing of 58 people, 32 of them journalists.


The digger driver Bong Andal said he was ordered to come to the crime scene. When he arrived he says the scene was littered with bodies and Ampatuan Jr. was already there.

In a recorded deposition, Andal gave his account that he followed orders from the Ampatuan family to bury the victims.

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Maguindanao Massacre Backhoe Operator Points Finger at Ampatuans –

The video was aired on GMA News 24 Oras last week.


The murders are one of the worst journalist killings recorded in the world today. The slayings came on the heels of the 2010 elections when Esmael Mangudadatu was filing his candidacy to run against the Ampatuan family. That filing cost 58 people their lives.

Andal also filed a written affidavit outlining his involvement in the ambush killings, some of those details involved gory insight where bodies were still inside vehicles that were crushed and laid inside the massive ditch.

Andel said he fled the scene of the crime after sounds of an approaching helicopter were heard. Moments later Philippine Army personnel landed nearby to find the site completely vacated by those who killed and covered up the country’s worst massacre in its history.  

In his deposition, Andel clarified that if he was caught the Ampatuans threatened to kill his entire family.

Andal was arrested in November of 2015 in Cotabato City. He has asked the Philippine government to place him in the Witness Protection Program, but the Department of Justice has not acted on that request.

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