Butlers, drones and golden baths: Luxury mountain resort coming to Bataan

luxury mountain resort
The luxury mountain resort will feature room service delivery by drone, gold-plated bathtubs and a helipad.

A luxury mountain resort, with gold-plated baths and drone room service delivery, is being prepared for a grand opening in Bataan next month.

The resort, known as Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas and Resort, sits on a 15.3-hectare hilly agricultural land outside the village of Kakiputan, near Bagac town.


‘Kakiputan’ means narrow, and the village was once only accessible to carabao-pulled sledges. However, a paved road has now been built.

“Basically, what Rancho wants is to help the people of Kakiputan uplift their lives, along with the development of the resort,” Rancho Bernardo community development coordinator Isabel Lanada said today (Sunday, December 16).

She added that the resort also aimed to promote the conservation of the local environment.


She said Rancho has launched a pilot project involving the façade beautification of 25 houses in Kakiputan, with 50,000 pesos as first prize and 20,000 and 15,000 as second and third prizes. Non-winners will receive 1,000 each as consolation prize.

Former Bagac Mayor Ramil del Rosario is the president of Golden Luck Consortium, the mother company of Rancho Bernardo.

He said the first phase of the project was the building of 30 luxury villas with a budget of 600 million pesos. These will have a garden each and 24-hour butler service. The resort will also have a helipad.

It is set to be the first high-end resort in Bataan and aimed primarily at foreign guests.

Edwin Nojadera, Rancho purchaser, said it was named and patterned after Rancho Bernardo in San Diego, California.

The smallest villa is 45,000 pesos per night, including breakfast, rising to 85,000. The villas can accommodate four guests.

Nojadera also said room service will be delivered by drone to guests of villas uphill. He said curtains of the villas and other electronically-operated items are through voice command.

All the bathtubs in the villas are plated with 24-carat gold.

Ramon Martinez, Rancho general manager, described the resort as “not gorgeous, not beautiful, but stunning”.

“When you come to Rancho Bernardo Luxury Villas and Resort, it is beautiful one day and perfect the next day,” he said.

“The villas are better than five-star quality not only in amenities but in service, food, and beverage.”

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