How to Look Your Best for Google Hangouts Online Video Conferencing


In case you find yourself working from home, you still have to look your best. 

Virtual meetings are becoming more and more popular. But this doesn’t mean you have to overlook the your physical appearance and your background. 


In this article, you will find some tips on how to make yourself look good even if you are working hunched over your old laptop.

How to Look Your Best for Google Hangouts Online Video Conferencing

Light Up Your Face

The front light is the best, especially natural light. It accentuates your skin, and its brightness can provide you with a clean and flattering look just like a movie star. 


You can take advantage of natural light to look your best for Google Hangouts online video conferencing. If possible, you can organize your desk to face the window, so the light gently brushes your face.

If you are in a video conference or only taking a picture for social media, the light that comes from behind ends up with your face covered by shadows making you a silhouette.

Do you have your video conference in a room without windows? In this case, you can buy a good quality lamp and place it behind your laptop, orienting its light towards your face.

Make sure the light is not too strong. If that is the case, move it further away, and everything should be perfect and working in a pinch.

Take Care Of Your Skin

In today’s world full of webcams and cameras, proper skincare is more important than ever. The camera makes things look ten times worse, and a computer screen highlights things like natural oils on your face. Be on the lookout for chapped lips and skin tone that is uneven, as well.

Experts recommend a tinted moisturizer before entering a video meeting. It is full of subtle pigments that will smooth your skin. It is different from a foundation that women use. Therefore, many men started to apply it before essential business calls.

Especially when you stand close to your laptop or computer, you want to look as professional as possible. Don’t show bad skincare habits that can be interpreted as poor hygiene overall. 

Choose Your Background

It is no secret or groundbreaking discovery that our homes are not equipped for professional business meetings, with office boards and round tables. Some places are better than others in our home, and you should seek the best background and overall environment. 

Google Hangouts conferences are not the place where you show off your book collections or your favorite movie posters. Even though it’s tempting and it might seem alright at first.

On second thought, that kind of decor takes the focus and ultimately puts you on the secondary plan. Try to find a simple, plain decor, preferably white or similar light colors. Step away from solid colors as they tend to shadow your look in terms of skin tone. 

You want to be presentable and send a good message, not only by what you are speaking. Having the conference in your dining room with a pile of dirty dishes in the background will not make a statement.

If the white background is not possible, try to have a clean and organized room behind you.

When you dress up for your conference, try to use solid colors. Sleeveless tops should be avoided at all costs. Overall, minimize distractions and make sure the focus of the call is on you directly.

Prepare In Advance

Preparation is the key to success. Never start a conference and use the camera as a mirror for your final touches on your face or hair. It is a common mistake for many beginners, but there is nothing less professional than this.

It makes the other viewers think that you don’t treat the conference as an actual meeting or creates an image of you taking running late as a casual thing.

Experimenting with a video call to prepare and checking how you look on the camera is the best thing you can do. Try it on with a friend or a test video call on Hangouts. 

How to Look Your Best for Google Hangouts Online Video Conferencing


Appearance is key. Try to stay professional and look fresh even if nobody knows you have been wearing your sweatpants for the past two weeks.

It is a mistake that can cost you a lot in terms of business and credibility inside your department.