Liquor ban imposed in Manila

The Manila government imposed a temporary liquor ban amid the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine due to the -19 threat.

The city government of Manila on Monday imposed a temporary liquor ban amid the enhanced community quarantine being implemented in Luzon and state of calamity due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (-19) threat.

According to the Manila Public Information Office, Manila City Francisco “Isko Moreno” signed the executive order that prohibits the selling and distribution of any alcoholic beverages such as beer and wine. The liquor ban begins Monday, March 20.

The order is in line with the General Welfare Clause contained in the Local Government Code of 1991, where local governments can implement emergency measures in times of crisis or disaster.

Isko expressed his frustration on the ongoing violation of some residents on the social distancing and curfew the city has imposed on reports of gathering and drinking outside their homes.

“Kahapon may mga lasing, may mga nagka-karaoke pa, tambay sa kalsada, nagpaparty-party pa. Ngayon, para wala na kayong dahilan para makahanap ng alak,” he said.

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Liquor ban imposed in Manila

(Yesterday there were drunks, there were still singing in karaoke, bystanders, having parties. Now, you have no reason to find alcohol.)

He also warned all businessmen that all violations of the city’s liquor ban are subject to severe penalties.

“Ipininagbabawal na po at binabawi pansamantala ang pribilehiyo sa mga tindahan na nagtitinda ng alak. Hindi na po kayo pwede magtinda ng alak bukas. Any violation shall lead to the revocation of Mayor’s and Business Permit,” Isko warned.

(We are now prohibiting and temporarily suspending the privilege in liquor stores. You cannot sell alcoholic drinks tomorrow. Any violation shall lead to the revocation of Mayor’s and Business Permit.)

He also called on all of Manileño to understand the situation and cooperate with the government during the crisis in the country.