Life is short: How the little people of the Philippines think big

The little people of the Hobbit House restaurant bars of Manila and Cebu are have careers that many would envy

Life in the developing world can be extremely tough, for some more so than others.

In particular those who have physical or mental impairments can find themselves in extremely dire circumstances.

One small group of people however has managed to turn their misfortune into fun-size employment. Mostly in the entertainment sector, midgets across Asia, and particularly in the Philippines, have definitely made a name for themselves.

Most people have probably heard of the Hobbit House in Manila, and Cebu City. These are bars that are staffed by midgets as a way to give them gainful employment, and to make the restaurant a little quirky — something that has obviously worked judging by the popularity of the venues.

But while the Hobbit House represents the nicer, lighter side of things, did you know there is actually a second midget bar in Manila?

In the Burgos “pub street” area of Manila, a place famous for stag parties and bar crawls, there is a bar called “Ringside”, a place that certainly could not be described as the “nicer” side of things.

In ringside midgets wrestle, box and otherwise entertain guests. They also have mean muscular women that will arm wrestle dudes for cash (dudes always lose).

Some people will find the concept of midgets wrestling in Manila for bachelor parties and bar crawls a little cruel, but they actually earn a hell of a lot more than the midgets of the Hobbit House, and the ones we know at least enjoy their ‘midget of Manila’ celebrity status.

When it comes down to it, if you’ve got the goods, use them — and these little guys certainly don’t disappoint. As the saying goes if God gives you midgets, you open a bar and make them fight each other, it’s simple logic really. I mean you could also employ them as accountants or bankers to make your own real life version of Gringots, but that would be truly cruel. Being an accountant sucks.

Additionally, many people in developing countries, particularly in the Philippines have moved to cities from the rural areas where their opportunities for and advancement are severely limited. Let’s also be honest, the idea of working in a bar that exploits you for your looks is tempting when the alternative is back-breaking labour in a rice paddy. At least that’s what the midgets and many bar girls seem to think.

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