LGU probes ‘superspreader’ parties in Boracay

The alleged “superspreader” parties on the island of Boracay in Aklan are being investigated.

According to the Municipal Health Office of Malay, which covers the island, a tourist went to Boracay in March and tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) upon returning to Manila.

It was learned that the tourist attended a party on the island on March 20 and met many people.

And those who attended the party also allegedly attended subsequent parties, but some did not report that they had symptoms.

On March 11, only 12 active cases were recorded in the Malay town, but now, it has risen to 81.

Of the cases, 35 were in Barangay Balabag, while 38 were in Barangay Manocmanoc.

Barangay Balabag is under enhanced community quarantine while Barangay Manocmanoc is under surgical lockdown until April 14.

According to the Municipal Health Office, some establishments did not follow health protocols so there was an infection.

The Department of Tourism called on tourists to always adhere to health and safety protocols.

LGU probes ‘superspreader’ parties in Boracay

In November 2020, the Department of Tourism (DOT) Secretary Bernadette Puyat on Thursday slammed the Halloween party in Boracay Island amid the pandemic.

In a press statement, Puyat called described the mass gathering at Casa de Arte in Sitio Cagban, Barangay Manoc-Mano on October 31 as “irresponsible.”

The DOT chief stressed out that while the party occurred inside a private residence, the local , stakeholders, and guests of the island must strictly observe the prescribed  and  guidelines as determined by the Interagency Task Force on the Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) amid the pandemic.

Malay, Aklan Mayor Frolibar Bautista said authorities were not able to notice the Halloween party immediately since it was far from the Boracay beach area.

He said the party’s organizers were fined P5,000 while authorities are still looking for another organizer.

Bautista added some foreigners who attended the party even wore policemen uniforms. He said complaints had been filed against them.

Authorities confirmed that criminal complaints were filed against the foreigners for allegedly violating Art. 179 of the Revised Penal Code (Illegal Use of Uniform).