Learn how to live with COVID-19: OCTA

With the easing of the quarantine level in the National Capital Region, the private sector Go Negosyo is ready to open up the economy. Still, they want to make sure that the country’s situation regarding COVID-19 is -studied.

Go Business will base its strategy and decision on the studies and data analysis to guide MSMEs nationwide.

According to Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Business founder Joey Concepcion, they aim to hear the OCTA Research studies because they have always had complete confidence in the group that has been their partner in the call for lockdown in the times to come.

So, according to Concepcion, OCTA can greatly help Go Negosyo in reopening the economy.

“OCTA will advise us. We will do what has to be done, whether you would tighten capacities or we would watch it carefully. These are decisions that will have to be made assuming those things to happen,” he said.

For OCTA Research Group president Ranjit Rye, with the drop in COVID-19 cases, the economy will recover in the last quarter of the year.

“Go Negosyo’s partnership with OCTA will be formidable and a useful voice in our collective fight against COVID-19,” he said.

Learn how to live with COVID-19: OCTA

A fellow of OCTA Research, Fr. Nicanor Austriaco, said it is crucial to open up the economy but it should not be sudden, and everyone should get used to living with Covid, so they should be vaccinated.

“We should be opening in a calibrated way, in a way that is not reckless, but we should not be as conservative as we are. Go out once again and live in a world of virus,” he said.

The importance of vaccination where herd immunity should be reached was also discussed. In addition, immunization of now will also help reduce COVID-19 cases so that they are protected when they need to go out with their families and when schools open for face-to-face classes.

And in the first week of alert level 3, OCTA said that COVID cases are still on a downward trend in their latest analytics, and the positivity rate has dropped to 9 percent.

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