Learn How to Earn Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire

The Garena Free Fire game is an online game that involves more than one player. It is ideal for and iOS. Therefore, you will have a fun time playing the game from any part of the world. The game is among the most downloaded, and for this reason, it has received numerous awards.

Moreover, the game developer has provided gold and diamonds as a reward for you as you continue playing. They are essential aspects of the game, and you can now use them to purchase exclusive characters, vehicle skins, weapons, outfits, and other survival materials.

You can decide to purchase these gold and diamonds with real-world money or earn them for free in different ways. The game is all about survival. Thus, you must have the and enough battle points to be the last one alive. Here is how you earn these rewards.

Learn How to Earn Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire
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How to Earn Gold and Diamonds

The gold royale works the same as the diamond royale. Therefore, the acquisition process doesn’t differ.

Also, note that you can convert the gold coins into diamonds that have a higher value in the game. There are various ways of obtaining the gold and diamonds in Garena Free Fire.

Weekly Offers

The Garena Free Fire developers introduce new features every week, providing you new opportunities to make more money.

You will receive different offers of discounted prices. For instance, when you purchase a certain number of gold or diamonds, you will get a discount or a better rate.

When you wish to purchase the weapons royale vulture, consider these weekly offers and use the earned gold and diamonds in the game.

The weekly offers make the game more fun, allowing you to parachutes, weapons, outfits, and other survival items on the island.

Membership Discounts

A top-up, at times, is more expensive as compared to a weekly or monthly membership.

When you pay for the weekly membership subscription, you are guaranteed more free diamonds and gold coins. The same offer goes for the monthly subscription.

You will receive 60 diamonds each day until your weekly subscription expires. The monthly membership allows you to access 2,000 diamonds in the game, and you are in control.

You can decide to keep them for the next round or use them to upgrade your gaming status.

Note on Avoiding Scams

Your weekly subscription is always renewed automatically. For instance, it can be replaced on the day you chose your purchase.

Be careful not to fall for any scams since various websites claim to give free gold and diamonds. Avoid them at all costs since they are only after your information and money.

Only use the proper methods to get these gold coins and diamonds and use them within the game.

After the first membership subscription, you will receive 100 diamonds to enhance your play.


to the top-up section in the game and choose the number of diamonds and gold you want to purchase and use in your gameplay.

The list has a different value for every number of rings. You can a minimum of 100 diamonds and gold coins, which costs $0.99.

The maximum number is 5,600 diamonds for $49.99. When you get to top-up for the first time, you will receive more diamonds for free.

This method is an opportunity that you don’t want to pass you since the diamonds and gold will help you unlock different game levels.

Learn How to Earn Gold and Diamonds on Free Fire
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Generator Tool

The Garena Free Fire game has another method for you to earn free diamonds and gold. You can now download the generator tool that multiplies the number of gold and diamonds you have.

Download and install this tool on your phone and starting earning more diamonds and gold for your gameplay.

The generator tool is a slow but sure method that guarantees more gold and diamonds for you to use in the game.

You will have an added advantage of new weapons and items for the game as well.

The Bottom Line

It is effortless to earn gold and diamonds in the Garena Free Fire game. These game aspects are essential for you when you want to purchase new characters, outfits, and items.

After the first top-up, you will receive free diamonds and gold as a reward as well as when you subscribe for a weekly or monthly membership.