Lea Salonga condemns anti-Asian violence in America

Broadway star Lea Salonga strongly condemned the attacks on Asians in America following yet another assault on a Asian-American in New York City.

On her Twitter account, Salonga shared surveillance footage that clearly showed how a man assaulted the 65-year-old Asian-American while on his way to church.

According to the popular singer, the assault happened just near Broadway theaters. She said that her mother also often walks alone in the area whenever she goes to church, thinking that the city is safe from violence.

“Meanwhile… this is still happening. And this is a stone’s throw away from Broadway theaters. My mom would walk to church on her own, feeling totally safe in this city, and I never had to worry about her. I guess those days are over. #StopAsianHate #StopAAPIHate,” said Lea Salonga.

The singer also posted on her Twitter account a picture of the man who allegedly kicked the woman several times based on the .

“This is the suspect. I hope he’s caught and brought to justice,” Lea Salonga added.

According to a report by CeFaan Kim of ABC7NY, the victim is still in the hospital suffering from swelling of the face and pain in her left leg. The New York Police District continues to investigate the incident.

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Lea Salonga condemns anti-Asian violence in America

It also shared the statement released by popular K-pop group BTS on their social media account.

“Perfectly and thoughtfully worded, as always,” said Salonga.

Meanwhile, another incident of “hate ” on Asians occurred on the New York subway in America. Just last month, a Filipino was also attacked and cut in the face in the subway.

On the Twitter account of “NYPD Hate Crimes,” they tweeted the video post of “Asian Dawn,” which caught-cam the ongoing by a “black” man on the Asian-looking victim.

“We need the public’s help. The NYPD is aware of this video and is investigating. Anyone that has information regarding this incident is urged to call or DM,” the post of NY police said.