Large hospitals in NCR full of COVID patients

As COVID-19 patients fill the hospitals, a Department of Health (DOH) official advised those with mild cases not to rush to the hospitals first.

According to Health Undersecretary Leopoldo Vega, who also serves as treatment czar, mild COVID-19 cases should first contact the One Hospital Command or their local governments before heading to hospitals.

“Kung mild lang naman sila or mga asymptomatic pero positive sila… dapat ma-isolate lang sila sa mga isolation center or quarantine facility kasi importante talaga na hindi sila mapunta agad sa hospital. ‘Pag nasa ER (emergency room) kasi, mapupuno,” said Vega.

According to Vega, hospitals that are already full due to patients with COVID-19 should gradually add COVID-19 beds.

From the previous 30 percent, public hospitals could be raised to 40 to 50 percent when there is a surge.

From 20 percent, private hospitals can increase their COVID-19 bed capacity to 30 percent, Vega said.

“Dahan-dahan na talaga kasi ang threat ngayon talagang tumataas eh,” he said.

The One Hospital Command Center admitted that they are also having difficulty finding hospitals for the patients who call them.

According to One Hospital Command Center operations manager Dr. Bernadette Velasco, more and more people are asking them for help to refer them to hospitals.

Large hospitals in NCR full of COVID patients

Vega said the COVID-19 wards and critical care units of most large hospitals in Metro Manila have already been filled.

This allegedly includes St. Luke’s Hospital in Global City and City, The Medical City, Makati Medical Center, Capitol Medical Center, and East Avenue Medical Center.

In an interview with The Medical City chief medical officer Dr. Rafael Claudio, he said their COVID-19 floors, ER, and intensive care unit (ICU) are full capacity.

Many are still waiting to be admitted.

According to Claudio, intubated patients are still in the ER and have not been transferred to the ICU because all 19 ICU beds are already occupied.

It is said that the influx of COVID-19 patients also coincided with those who did not have COVID-19 disease.

The lack of health workers is also a big problem for the hospital, said Claudio.

The hospital needs about 100 nurses, but only a few are applying.

According to St. Luke’s medical chief officer Dr. Benjamin Campomanes, there are 15 COVID-19 patients in the ER in Global City waiting to be admitted to the COVID-19 ward. At the same time, 9 are expected to be admitted to the ICU.

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