Labor group pushes #ZeroBillsMarch

Defend Jobs Philippines appeals to the national government to impose #ZeroBillsMarch or the zero collection of bills payment for March, the time when the Luzon-wide started.

The labor group also call to private corporations controlling power, water, and telecommunication industries to show compassion to the millions of affected workers and their families affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Defend Jobs said that “mere suspending the collection of payments for electricity, water and bills will never resolve the growing financial problems of our working people.”

“The government must eliminate the worries of our Filipino workers on where to get the money to pay their March bills once the pandemic issue subsides and the lockdowns were lifted. Our workers are much concerned about how to feed their families and survive the crisis if their jobs and livelihood normalizes,” said Thadeus Ifurung, Defend Jobs Philippines spokesperson.

“Private companies on the public utility sector must heed the #ZeroBillsMarch calls and immediately implement it as part of their corporate social responsibility measures,” he added.

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Labor group pushes #ZeroBillsMarch

It also said the zero collection of bills until the quarantine ends will greatly help workers nationwide. They said the administration should have a strong political to implement this just and timely demand for the benefit of the .

President Rodrigo Duterte appealed to the private sector to continue to “look after” their countrymen and to help in any way that they can during his address to the nation Monday night.

“I also appeal to the private sector to help in any way that you can,” he said.

“To those who have more in life, I implore you to share in the cost of taking share of the less fortunate and keeping our society intact. They have also contributed to our prosperity in one way or the other, so let us support them,” he added.

Electrical, telecommunications, banks, credit, and water companies earlier announced they are extending payment deadlines for the monthly bill to ease the impact of COVID-19 lockdown.