Kylie’s cousin says Aljur ‘could not bring food on the table’

Kylie Padilla’s cousin came to her defense and asked Aljur Abrenica to stop the lies about the reason why he and Kylie separated.

In a post by Princess Paulino, she refuted Aljur’s accusations against Kylie. She insisted Kylie never cheated.

“Hey Aljur, please have some decency,” she said.

She insisted Kylie could not cheat on Aljur even if he could not provide for his family.

“1. Kylie never cheated on you. Not even when you could not put food on the table. 2. You still owe her a lot of which she never took against you. 2. You still owe her a lot of money which she never took against you. 3. You cheated on her multiple times, and we all know that. Stop your lies.”

Princess also insisted that it was not Kylie’s fault if Aljur’s ‘new girlfriend’ AJ Raval was being bashed in social media.

“4. It is not her fault why you have a lot of bashers. It was your choice to flaunt your new girlfriend in public, not hers. 5. Despite the truth that you were an irresponsible who broke Kylie’s heart many times, she NEVER went public to say anything against you. 6. When Tito Robin spoke about your cheating, Kylie did not know about it. She even felt bad.”

It was Robin Padilla, Kylie’s father who confirmed the couple’s breakup allegedly due to a third party.

Kylie’s cousin says Aljur ‘could not bring food on the table’

Finally, Kylie’s cousin asked Aljur to respect himself and stop telling lies.

Aljur and Kylie’s camp continues to exchange posts. AJ Raval also issued a statement.

“Tungkol to sa statement ni AJ (nickname of Aljur) na shinare ko, gusto ko lang i-explain bakit ko shinare,” said AJ.

“Hindi naman sa nakisawsaw ako sa issue nila. Shinare ko yun because I’m trying to protect myself and my family also. People are accusing me sa isang bagay na hindi ko naman ginagawa. Tinatawag nila akong kabit, tinatawag nila akong homewrecker, which is hindi naman totoo.”

She also apologized to Kylie: “And also kay Kylie, I’m really sorry kung shinare ko yung statement na yun.”

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