Two Koreans arrested for fake Rolex wristwatch scam in Ermita, Manila

Two foreign nationals arrested after pawning fake Rolex wristwatch in Ermita, Manila

Two Koreans were arrested after a casino financier filed a complaint against them for pawning a fake Rolex wristwatch.

25-year-old Rina Salvador filed a complaint that she was playing at a casino in Hyatt Hotel in Mabini Street on April 6 and was with her Korean partner when they met 31-year-old Hyun Jei Lee and 25-year-old Chang Ro Ju, both staying at Birch Towers on Mabini St.

The suspects borrowed 430,000 pesos from her after she consulted with her partner, the latter agreed to the loan since they were compatriots. The two men pawned the Rolex watch which they originally claimed the cost was one million pesos and promised to return the amount in a couple of days in exchange for the watch.

Salvador had the watch checked by an expert afterwards and it was found to be fake. She contacted the two men immediately and agreed to meet at the casino. The two insisted the watch they gave was real, a heated exchange ensued and Salvador sought the assistance of the police.

The two Koreans were taken to the Manila Police District for an investigation into the matter.

The suspects are being charged with estafa or fraud, and both remain in custody.

Among the fake wristwatches offered by the suspects were replicas of the Rolex DateJust 36, prestige timepieces worth thousands of dollars. Investigators said they were immediately able to spot the deception, as the items offered were clearly lacking in the premium quality finish of the legendary Swiss watch company.

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