Korean woman arrested for smuggling marijuana in knickers at Manila Airport

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Female Korean National Arrested for Marijuana in Underwear at NAIA – www.philippineslifestyle.com (photos of NAIA 2)

A Korean woman was arrested after drugs were discovered in her underwear as she was about to board a flight at Manila’s NAIA airport.

24-year-old Euhno Anh was arrested on Tuesday afternoon as she tried to bribe her way out of of the discovery. A report on the incident showed that she attempted to give money to a female security agent.


The agent said she was carrying out her everyday duties when she attempted to frisk Anh, after she passed through the metal detectors at the departure gate security area.

Anh refused to be frisked, saying she was wearing a sanitary napkin. That aroused the suspicion of the agent who took the Korean to the ladies bathroom for examination. The officer then found about 117 grams of marijuana leaves hidden in Ahn’s underwear.

The officer was about to call the police Aviation Security Group when Anh allegedly offered the officer all the money she had on her in exchange for not calling the police.


When the officer declined, Anh reportedly attempted to escape from the room but was immediately apprehended.

Upon further inspection, Aviation Security checked Anh’s luggage and discovered tablets that are believed to be Ecstasy.

The woman was turned over to authorities who are filing the appropriate charges against her.