At least 14 killed in bomb attack on Davao City night market

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At Least 10 Killed in Bomb Attack in What Some Call “The World’s Safest City” – (Photo by CNN)

So far at least 14 people have been killed and over 60 wounded in a bomb attack at Davao City’s night market on Roxas street.

Authorities say that out of the wounded, at least 22 of them are being treated for severe injuries.

Police and emergency crews rushed to the crowded night market after the blast ripped through the area late Friday night.

Officials said it was impossible to tell how many were wounded and how many are officially killed by the blast as the site was in complete disarray.

Davao police said they are on the scene picking through the pieces to find any evidence of the bomb and is makers.

So far no official statement has been released on the incident.

Abu Sayyaf claimed responsibility for the blast but no evidence has been brought forth to confirm that claim.

had just flown into Davao on Friday and no doubt the bombing was to send him a message.

In recent months Paulo Duterte had claimed that  was in Davao, with the latest connection between and Abu Sayyaf, this bombing may very well cement their relationship and their dissent against the new leader of the country.