JUST IN: NBI arrested Francis Leo Marcos

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) arrested Facebook personality Francis Leo Marcos, Tuesday, May 19.

The NBI Cybercrime Division served the warrant against Marcos for a previous case that was filed against him in Baguio City. 

Marcos or popularly known as “FLM,” allegedly violated the Optometry Law or RA8050, which governs the “act regulating the practice of optometry, upgrading optometric education, integrating optometrists, and for other purposes.”

In an interview with PEP.ph, Marcos revealed he started his volunteer work by sponsoring the Optimum Eye Care Program, which gives free eyeglasses to those who cannot afford to buy.

It is not yet clear, however, if the case against him was related to his involvement in the Optimum Eye Care Program.

Francis Leo Marcos

Who is Francis Leo Marcos?

Marcos came to fame when he started his “Mayaman Challenge” on Facebook and Youtube. He challenged the rich people in Meadows subdivision to help the people affected by the lockdown in the country amid the COVID-19 crisis. 

He initially bought 500 sacks of rice from Nueva Ecija and gave them to residents of in Quezon City. His “Mayaman Challenge” quickly garnered 9 million views, and but the Facebook administration shut the post down. 

He then launched his Youtube channel, which now has over one million subscribers. 

Umani agad ito ng nine million views sa loob lamang ng isang araw, pero bigla itong pinasara ng Facebook administration.

In one video, Francis Leo roamed around his exclusive subdivision in Quezon City, showing the large houses of his neighbors while challenging them to go out and help the poor. 

Some of his neighbors did not like what he did and filed unjust vexation and alleged alarm and scandal against him. Marcos apologized and explained he has no intention to harm anyone. 

Is FLM a real Marcos?

Many questioned FLM’s real identity and said his real name was Norman Mangusin and not Francis Leo Marcos.

In an interview with Pep.ph, Marcos said his mother used to call him Norman when he was in grade three until when he was studying. But when a time came when his mother allegedly revealed to him that he was part of one of the most influential families in the country, the Marcoses.

FLM did not clarify whether the Marcos family acknowledged him. He only said he had “privileged communication” with them.

However, at one point, former first lady Imelda Marcos visited FLM at his home.