Julian Ongpin has wounds on his arms, back – police

Investigators found wounds on the arms and back of Julian Ongpin, the person of interest in the of artist Bree Jonson.

PRO1 director Police Brigadier General Emmanuel Peralta said that according to Scene of the Crimes Operatives (SOCO), both Ongpin and Jonson have no markings or wounds due to struggle.

SOCO said it was established that the wounds on the body and arms of Ongpin were not caused by a struggle from Bree Jonson.

Ongpin, the son of billionaire Robert Ongpin, also explained that he got his wounds when he forcibly opened the restroom door where Jonson was allegedly trapped.

The 29-year-old Ongpin told police that the nails from the broken door caused deep wounds on his arms and back.

“‘Yung sinasabi niya (Julian Ongpin) sa likod at kamay, gawa ng pagsuot niya sa maliit na pintuan sa CR (comfort room). Kasi nu’ng hindi lumalabas si Breana, sinira niya (ang pinto) at nasugatan siya. Nasugatan siya sa pako,” Peralt said in a separate interview.

has wounds on his arms, back – police

(That’s what he is saying, his wounds on his back and arms were from trying to cross the small door of the restroom. Breana was not responding, so he broke the door. He was wounded from the nails.)

“‘Yun ang kwento niya, pumasok si Breana sa CR. Nagtaka siya na ang tagal, almost one hour so kinatok niya (pero) ‘di siya pinagbubuksan,” he added.

(Breana went to the CR.  Ongpin was wondering what was taking her so long as it was almost an hour. He knocked on the door, but Breana did not open it.)

Peralta confirmed that Jonson has markings on her neck. A cat chain was also found in their room.

Meanwhile, authorities also discovered that the late artist Bree Jonson had a psychosocial disability.

Peralta said authorities recovered an ID issued by the Manila City showing that Jonson has a psychosocial disability. Antidepressant medicines were also found in the room she shared with Julian Ongpin.

Meanwhile, the initial results showed that the cause of of Bree Jonson was asphyxia, a condition arising when the body is deprived of oxygen, causing unconsciousness or death.

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