Why Jose Mari Chan rewrites the lyrics of his iconic “Christmas in Our Hearts”

Jose Mari Chan

has decided to rewrite the lyrics of his iconic “Christmas in Our Hearts” and “A Perfect Christmas” to reflect what the world is currently going through.

Dubbed as the Father of Philippine Christmas music, singer-composer Jose Mari Chan, announced his new set of lyrics in an interview over ’s Unang Hirit.

decided to rewrite the lyrics of these songs to reflect the more contemplative state of many at the onset of the “ber” months due to the .

“I wrote new lyrics to ‘Christmas in Our Hearts’ [and] I have a set of lyrics for ‘A Perfect Christmas,’” he said in an interview over GMA’s Unang Hirit.

He sang them together with his children and grandchildren.

Jose Mari Chan’s new version of “Christmas in Our Hearts” goes like:

“Whenever I hear girls and boys

Singing carols in my mind,

I remember the past

When everything was fine.

Whenever I see people

Giving gifts to those in need,

I believe this Christmas

We should be there to lead.

Let’s open up our hearts

For a bright tomorrow,

In any way we can

And drive out all our sorrow.”

On the other hand, the new lyrics of his song “A Perfect Christmas” have:

“My idea of a perfect Christmas,

is to spend it with you.

We could Facetime an hour or two,

Any app would do.

Carry with you this Yuletide season,

it would light up my life.

Though we are distant,

You’ll see in my face

That my heart is with you.”

During his interview, the singer shared that he will help carol singers spread the spirit of Christmas through music online and to help uplift the spirit of Filipinos as they face the coronavirus crisis.