Jealous husband sets room on fire before being run over by a truck

jealous husband

Jealous husband 42-year-old Michael Aguilar of Sampaloc, Manila, set his room on … before his day got a whole lot worse.

The report say that his wife Mary Jane Aguilar and her husband had an argument relating to a jealousy issue, Michael ran in the room and poured gas all over the room they shared – he lit the gasoline, saying that he and his wife should die together.

The fire was started after he told his children to the room – after his 16-year-old son saw the flames he rushed into the room to save them. The son took the father to the road and rushed his to a local hospital – but leaving his father by the roadway he, Michael, was involved in a hit-and-run accident, killing him instantly.

The discovery on another report listed online says the boy did not discover the accident until after he returned home from the hospital where he dropped his mother at.

Police are investigating the circumstances and trying to determine who was driving the that killed Michael.

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