Police investigate shooting of ‘kind old’ Japanese man in Toledo City

Japanese man shot dead in Toledo City
Police investigators cordon off the crime scene where the body of Japanese man Akira Tolog was found dead today. Contributed photo via Twitter.

Police are investigating after an elderly Japanese man was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head in Toledo City, Cebu.

The victim, identified as Akira Tolog, was found by neighbours in Sitio Climaco Extension, Barangay Poblacion, at 9.45am today (Sunday, August 18).

Police Staff Sergeant Fredenil Cabanero, desk officer on duty at Toledo City police station, said neighbours were able to immediately identify the victim as he was a well-known resident of the area.

They told police that they heard a single gunshot shortly before Mr Tolog’s body was found. 

They also told investigators that they had no idea who would have wanted him dead since he was a “kind old man” in their neighbourhood with no known enemies. His exact age is unknown, but he is described as being in his “sixties or seventies”.

Speaking to the Cebu Daily News, Sgt. Cabanero said Mr Tolog had been living in his own house in the area for “quite some time” but investigators had yet to determine the exact number of years he had been a resident of Toledo City.

Neighbours also told police that the victim used to live with a Filipina girlfriend, but they had previously separated.

The city police’s Scene Of the Crime Operatives and the Regional Crime Laboratory Office in Central Visayas are continuing to investigate the crime scene.

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