Japan embassy confirms information on possible terrorist attack in Southeast Asia

The Japanese embassy confirmed that their government had received information about a possible in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

“We confirm that the Japanese government has received information about a possible terror attack, but we cannot give you any detailed background at the moment,” according to a statement released by the Japanese Embassy on Tuesday.

“In relation to this, we issued a warning to alert Japanese people residing in some Southeast Asian countries, but we cannot disclose the source,” it added.

On Monday, Japan issued a notice for its compatriots to warn of possible terrorist attacks in six Southeast Asian countries — the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

They reminded their countrymen to avoid “Western-owned” facilities, such as hotels, restaurants, and religious sites.

“We ask all Japanese residents to remain vigilant against terrorist attacks,” it said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said the Japanese embassy had not notified them about it. But everyone can issue a travel alert for their compatriots.

“[T]his type of information may have been shared among intelligence agencies,” DFA said.

Japan embassy confirms information on possible in Southeast Asia

The Department of Defense announced that they would conduct validation on Japan’s information.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police said they were not monitoring any threats to the country’s security.

“As with all reports concerning the safety and security of our communities, the aforementioned advisory will be subjected to the process of validation,” according to DND spokesman Arsenio Andolong.

Last week, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin, Jr. confirmed that the Philippines had welcomed the first Afghan refugees to the since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan three weeks ago.

“We stay steady where others waver: tonight we welcome Afghan nationals including women & kids seeking refuge. Our doors are open to those fleeing conflict, persecution, sexual abuse, and death,” he said in a tweet.

“The matter is closed. We’re not interested in publicity or thanks. This is done so one can look at himself in the mirror. Period,” he added.

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