5 Items You Didn’t Know You Could get at Package Free Stores

Sometimes our packaging has packaging and some folks are tired of it and that’s why package free stores are popping up. No doubt, packaging waste is a contributor to environmental degradation. From foam nets, plastic straws, to cardboard boxes and cellophane, packaging is a big problem.

If you’re planning to embrace a greener lifestyle, turning to “package free” stores can serve as your first baby step. As the name suggests, package-free stores refer to groceries and shops that have eliminated the use of all forms of packaging.

Essentially, the goal of these stores is to end packaging waste by turning to environment-friendly alternatives – such as using reusable items, compostable products, and more. Up next we’re going to tell you about five things you can in package stores that you didn’t know about.



Products You’ll See at Package Free Stores

Environmental Utensils

This might be an easy guess, especially with the apparent popularity of stainless and bamboo straws. However, the diversities of environment-friendly utensils are far more extensive that you originally thought. Stainless and bamboo straws aside, there are also reusable bottles, stainless steel containers, edible spoons, and arboreal eating utensils – which you can at package free stores.

Sustainable Fashion Items

Surprised? Believe it or not, there now comes a range of environment-friendly fashion items, and you could purchase them from package-free stores.

From wood earrings, organic cotton t-shirts, to flip flops made from natural and recycled rubber, expect that you’ll never run out of green items to try out. You can also have the chance to spot a few amazing eco-friendly bags, which can be used for your next grocery visit or outdoor adventure.

Home Items

As you might have expected, the influence of sustainable items has now expanded beyond the typical bamboo straws and recycled tote bags. To date, eco-friendly products are even invading the household space.

Among the best items you could spot include recycled plastic lounge chairs, reusable soap dispensers, organic towels, and bamboo toothbrush containers.

Some package-free stores even come with more comprehensive collections, which might even include recycled plastic rugs, recycled floor mats, and organic bedding.

Tech Accessories

As technology advances, the need for sustainable, eco-friendly items also furthers. Thankfully, to date, there now comes a ton of eco tech accessories to choose from.

Perhaps, among the most common you could see include keyboards, mice, and cases made from sustainable resources, environmentally friendly laptops, and wooden watches.

Personal Care Items

Last but not the least, there are also tons of personal care products that you could get from package free stores. Among these include natural deodorants, lunapads, organic healing salves, shampoo bars, and more.


The Bottom Line

Impressed about these items? Which among these piqued your interest? Feel free to visit the nearest package-free store in your area to jumpstart your engagement in the green campaign today. And don’t forget to bring your own grocery bag, that’s the first rule of package free shopping.