Italian kills Filipina wife, child before shooting himself

An Italian man killed his Filipina wife and 15 -year -old girl before he allegedly shot himself in Carpiano, Italy, this Sunday morning.

Authorities found the bodies of a 70-year-old Italian, a 41-year-old Filipina, and their daughter inside their home.

A revolver allegedly illegally obtained by the suspect was recovered at the crime scene.

Based on the investigation, it is said that the crime is rooted in the couple’s frequent quarrels. This is according to the letter left by the suspect.

According to the report, the family has been receiving help from social services for the past 2 years due to financial problems.

The suspect is retired, and only his Filipina wife works. The suspect also allegedly has a criminal record.

According to close friends, the victim was the breadwinner of her family in the Philippines. They said she is a loving mother and a kind co-worker and friend.

Her dream is for her only child to finish school and to help her sick mother.

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Italian kills his Filipina wife, child before shooting himself

“Sobrang bait niya. Almost 2 years kami magkasama sa work. ‘Til then, lagi kami nagkikita-Kita mga co-Filipino workers namin. Lagi ‘yan masaya,” said Celine, a co-worker of the victim.

The victim’s friend Gina could not believe what happened to the mother and daughter.

“Mabait na tao. Lahat gagawin niya para sa pamilya niya. At magaling makisama. Lahat pakikisamahan niya. ‘ madamot na tao, kahit sa work. ‘Di marunong magalit, kahit minsan masasakit na biro ng mga tao. ‘Di mo makikitang magalit siya,” said Gina, not her real name.

The mother and daughter plan to go on vacation to the Philippines this December.

The official autopsy result will be released in a few days.

The sympathy of the Filipino community poured in, and the family in the Philippines was also informed of the tragedy that happened to the victim.

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