Islamic State recruiting school children in Cotabato City, says mayor



ISIS Recruiting Minors Directly Out of School – Says Cotabato City Mayor – stock photo of ISIS members –

The Mayor of Cotabato City has again sounded the alarm to the country about the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) and their presence in central Mindanao.


This time Mayor Japal Guiani Jr. warned the Philippines that IS is in fact recruiting minors direct out of school.

In an interview over Radyo Inquiere on Monday, the mayor said that about 30 students from his city, with ages ranging from as young as 16 to 20-years-old have been recruited by the the terrorist organisation.

Guiani said that recruits are coming from private and public schools within the city.


In the interview the mayor noted the recent incident where eight men, including an Indonesian, were killed in an encounter with the Philippines Army.

Of those killed, numerous others escaped, leaving behind five IS flags, documents, explosives and firearms.

The government originally stated that the group was led by IS sympathizers, but later reneged on the idea IS was involved at all.

Mayor Guiani has said the men were part of a recruiting group, promising those who join IS with a gift of 20,000 pesos each.

The mayor asked parents to monitor their children’s activities and to prevent them from being brainwashed by IS recruiters.


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