Islamic State admits IED explosion in Sultan Kudarat

Islamic State admits IED explosion in Sultan Kudarat
admits in which injured eight civilians, Saturday morning. (Image from

The terrorist group Islamic State admits IED explosion in Sultan Kudarat, last Saturday morning.

The group released their statement on Saturday night, a few hours after the bombing.

In an earlier report, the police said extortion was the possible motive or intention of the explosion which injured eight people.

Suspects planted the IED or near a motorcycle parked in front of the National Highway supermarket in Barangay Kalawag III.
It was the fourth explosion incident in the area in 13 months, said the military authorities.
In April 2019, at least 18 were injured after an alleged pro-IS group blasted a restaurant in Sultan Kudarat.
Meanwhile, authorities implemented tighter security alerts in the municipality. They also reminded the public to stay alert and watch.

Islamic State admits IED explosion in Sultan Kudarat

Eight were injured in an improvised explosive device (IED) explosion, National Highway of Kalawag III, in front of in Sultan Kudarat supermarket, Saturday morning.
According to Police Lt. Col. Joven Bagaygay, Isulan Municipal Police Station chief, the victims suffered minor injuries and were rushed to Nazarene Hospital and Sultan Kudarat Provincial Hospital.
Only two of the eight wounded victims were recovering at the hospital.
The policed conducted a post-blast investigation.

Last year that the Isulan municipality had two bombing incidents that killed two civilians and injured the other 20.

On Saturday night, the Islamic State said that they caused the explosion.