Isko Moreno-Willie Ong tandem perfect choice amid pandemic – analyst

With the entry of Manila Mayor Francisco “ Moreno” Domagoso into the presidential race in 2022, the number of candidates has increased, and the race has expanded.

According to some analysts, the battle for the declaration of Domagoso’s candidacy has become even tenser, especially since President Rodrigo Duterte is also the mayor and popular with the masses.

Like Sen. Manny Pacquiao, Domagoso grew up poor.

“Telegenic siya. So that’s one thing. And young, so nakaka-identify sa kanya yung 30 or 35 percent ng mga botante. Tapos, makikita mo sa kaniyang pinalabas na advertisement, yung pinalabas niya sa Facebook, pinapakita niya na regular guy siya,” said Jean Franco, political science professor in UP.

The social media popularity of Moreno and his announced running mate Dr. Willie Ong is a big deal, according to former School of Government dean Tony La Viña.

“Stroke of genius… Perfect choice sa pandemic,” said Laviña.

During the pandemic, the fight is on social media and not on physical campaigns.

But according to UP professor Edna Co, Domagoso lacks experience in the field of national politics.

Moreno-Willie Ong tandem perfect choice amid pandemic – analyst

“The Davao mayor taught us and made us realize that leading the whole nation really requires a more unifying, a bigger perspective beyond using authority which will probably work at the local level,” said Co.

UST political science associate professor Frederick Rey thinks Moreno also needs to expand his reach to other parts of the country.

“Yung isa pa pong bahagi na kailangang punuan ay yung kaniyang network, yung kaniyang tao sa ground. ‘Yung kaniya bang popularity sa city ay nakakaabot sa mga bayan-bayan, sa mga sulok ng mga kanayunan sa probinsya?” said Rey.

Now that Domagoso has declared, what is the chance of Vice President Leni Robredo?

“At this point, I’m running out of imagination on what next step VP Leni is going to take unless she moves in the direction of, say, going local as she had repeatedly mentioned,” said Co.

“Leni is the best president we would have. But si Isko is positioned to win against the Duterte candidate,” said La Viña.

But Franco thinks Robredo is still the strongest opposition candidate.

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