Islamic State releases radicalisation video for the Philippines


The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria has released a video in an attempt to radicalise and recruit fighters within the Philippines and several neighbouring countries on Wednesday.

The SITE Intelligence Group said they are tracking the activities of IS and have said the video targeting the Philippines was produced in five languages, Filipino, Indonesian, Malay, Arabic and English.


SITE also released screenshots showing that IS is now fully using Filipino, Indonesian and Malaysian fighters to spread their messages. Those fighters urged their countrymen to join the ranks of Syria.

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ISIS Releases Radicalization Video for Philippines –

The news counter attacks the message given by the Philippine Army and President Benigno Aquino III when both reaffirmed the Philippines that the country was ISIS free.

The video also said that those radical fighter who could not reach the Middle East can “Join the Mujaheddin in the Philippines,” this according to SITE.


Deep web monitoring site ‘Vocative’ said that ISIS has now appointed a leader in the Philippines by the nom de guerre of Abdallah al-Filipini, a representative of the self-dubbed caliphate.

Authorities say that ISIS has also released an info-graphic claiming the presence of its network within the Philippines. In that release earlier this month, ISIS claimed to have 10 battalions in five different locations throughout the country. That same video also claimed to have killed 289 people since April of last year in the regions of Basilan.

Oddly the spokesman for the Philippine military, Brig. Gen Restituto Padilla told the public that they should refrain from sharing and distributing the video, saying its value are inhuman and evil.

Padilla went on to say “People should not be bothered by this because it’s part of the propaganda they are propagating,” Padilla told the Straits Times in a report Thursday. “Let’s not dignify this… Let’s do what is right, which is to delete it and don’t pass it to others.”

Truth of ISIS in the Philippines

But like information shared and posted by Philippines Lifestyle News, the truth is out there, and without sharing the truth throughout its site, it is most likely why 289 people were killed in Basilan based on insufficient information from their own government.

Philippines Lifestyle News has stood behind the truth that ISIS, ISIL and the factions such as the Abu Sayyaf have been within the Philippines for several years now.

In 2015 Philippine leaders adamantly denied that ISIS or any of its propaganda was in fact inside the Philippines – but today the truth has once again been exposed to a society that is hell bent on protecting its citizens from the truth.

It wasn’t until 2015, when the Philippines finally made the Abu Sayyaf group a ‘terrorist organization’ even though they have kidnapped and beheaded many foreigners, expats, and local businessmen and individuals for years on end.

In recent videos the Abu Sayyaf have pledged allegiance to the Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Islamic State’s self-appointed caliph.