Is the ‘Quadrofoil’ the future of eco-friendly boating?

‘The Quadrofoil’ – The Future of Boating, Today – A Perfect Solution for Some Philippines Fun. [VIDEO] –
The Qudrofoil could be the future of boating, today.

The electric powered watercracft looks like something that has leaped off the big screen at a James Bond movie premiere – a sleek, futuristic and eco-friendly watercraft that uses hydrofoil technology to “fly” above the surface of the water.

Hydrofoil technology is not new, but Qudrofoil boss Marjan Rožman said: “What is new on Quadrofoil are electric drive and patented steering technology that enable stability and agility at the same time.”

As the boat propels itself to speeds of six knots (about 7 mph), the hydrofoil wings create lift and raise the boat up and out of the water. This enables to watercraft to be driven through most environmentally protected sanctuaries at speeds of up to 21 knots (or about 24 mph). .

The boat’s nearly silent all-electric motor has no oil or exhaust which would create an environmental issue in ecosystems throughout the world. 

The watercraft’s hollow hull and composite, lightweight construction also make the vessel virtually unsinkable. 

Rožman boasts that the state-of-the art, touchscreen steering wheel is the only control mechanism on board. It displays how much battery power is left, as well as the boat’s speed and range. The Quadrofoil has a range of 60 miles in a charge. 

The smooth ride and the unique features of this amazing boat comes at a price – $18,700 to be exact.