Trike driver arrested for raping Irish tourist outside hostel in El Nido

irish tourist
The rape suspect and an exterior view of the hostel where the Irish tourist was staying

A trike driver has been arrested in El Nido, Palawan, on suspicion of raping a 21-year-old Irish tourist outside her guesthouse.

Chief Superintendent Tomas Apolinario has identified the suspect as Parry Daquer Gaspe, aged 39, following the alleged on Wednesday (February 13).

According to police reports, the alleged victim — an Irish holder who lives in Devon, England — was returning to her hostel along with two friends after a night out in the town.

The two friends were staying at a separate hostel. Accounts differ as to whether they had already been dropped off or were waiting in the trike while the alleged took place. 

According to an account on MailOnline, the friends waited in the trike while the driver “helped” the woman to get to her hostel before attacking her. However, a report on says the other two tourists had already been dropped off. 

Either way, the victim says that as she was approaching the Elternative Hostel at about 4am, Gaspe pounced on her and raped her in a dark alley.

“The victim resisted and uttered ‘No! Please stop!’ but the suspect instead continued his lustful desire,” Cf. Supt. Apolinario said.

The suspect escaped after the incident and the victim called her friends for help. They then went to the El Nido Municipal Police Station to report the incident at about 7am.

Police immediately launched a manhunt that led to the arrest of Gaspe just two hours later. The victim was then able to positively identify him as the man who allegedly raped her.

Gaspe, who refused to issue a statement on the matter, has been charged for violating Republic Act 8,353, or the Anti-Rape Law.

The tourist has now resumed her travels. A police spokesman said that she would not need to return to El Nido for future hearings. “There is sufficient evidence to convict the suspect through inquest proceedings,” they said.

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