Introducing Lazada, the best way to send gifts to the Philippines from abroad

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Online Shopping the Philippines – How to safely send gifts from overseas –

Many of our readers are concerned while they’re overseas.  They want to send something back to their partner in the Philippines on their birthday or for Christmas but they’re not sure how to do it safely.  There are plenty of sites in the country that will happily take your credit card details without giving you a whole lot in return.

Just in case you haven’t come across it before, we wanted to introduce you to a service called Lazada.  They are a large eCommerce site which is based out of Singapore and services most of the region.  It is for the reason that they’re Singapore based that you can confidently give them your credit card details just like you would any other site you deal with daily in the US, or Australia.

They’ve got a full range of computers, mobile phones and even cheap air conditioners just incase you need some creature comforts installed before your next visit.  Anyway, we use them all the time and we’ve ordered all sorts of things. So in response to questions about how to send gifts to the Philippines that we’ve had from our readers we thought it would just be easier to post an article about it than keep replying to your emails.  That said, we love hearing from you, so don’t be scared to let us know about your experiences with Online Shopping in the Philippines in the comments!