International Justice Mission rescues girls as young as two from Cebu cyberporn dens

International Justice Mission
A screenshot of a film recorded by the showing the rescue of two teenage girls. (SEE BELOW)

The International Justice Mission (IJM) has helped rescue girls as young as two from cyberporn dens in Cebu this week.

In the first raid, the campaigning charity assisted police in the rescue of two girls aged 14 and 15.

Two suspects were arrested for allegedly live-streaming the sexual abuse of children.

Three other children, including an eight-year-old girl, were also removed from the house and taken into protective custody.

Yesterday (Thursday, September 15), the also helped police rescue a two-year-old from a house in Lapu-Lapu City where she had allegedly been sexually abused by her own mother.

Police say the suspect — who evaded arrest — offered to live-stream of her daughter for foreign perverts, charging between 6,000 and 15,000 pesos for each “show”.

The child has been turned over to the Department of Social Welfare and Development for proper intervention after the operation.

A second victim, also rescued in the raid, told police she was forced to strip naked and be photographed by the suspect. Her age and relationship to the suspect have not been confirmed.

International Justice Mission statement

In a press statement, lawyer John Tanagho said he was saddened by yet another case of sexual exploitation involving parent and child.

“Imagine, a mother offering to sexually abuse her two-year-old daughter and even live-stream that abuse? We can’t blame this all on poverty. Millions of Filipinos hard to provide for their families through honest and dignified means, even if they live simply.

“Online sexual exploitation of children is about individuals with distorted moral values who are willing to mistreat and sexually abuse children to make money, without regard for the God-given dignity and innocence of children.

“There is hope for the children of the Visayas Region in the Philippines because the Women and Children Protection Center has already conducted 10 operations against online sexual exploitation of children in the Visayas this year, rescuing over 20 victims and arresting more than 10 suspects.”