Inmate underwent surgery after swallowing cellphone

A mobile phone was successfully removed from the intestines of an inmate in Kosovo a few days after he swallowed it whole.

According to a surgeon on Tuesday, the 33-year-old inmate was admitted to the gastroenterology clinic of Pristina University Hospital last week after complaining of abdominal pain.

Doctors realized the inmate had swallowed a small cellphone, so they removed it, said Skender Telaku, who led the operation.

“By endoscopic means, so without cutting the stomach, we took out the phone divided into three parts,” he told Agence France-Presse.

According to the inmate, the mobile phone remained inside his stomach for four days.

The operation was not complicated, Telaku said.

“It was the battery that concerned us the most… The corrosive battery acid could have leaked into his stomach,” he said.

“It was like walking in a minefield, but luckily everything went smoothly.”

After the operation, confiscated the inmate and mobile phone, which was an old model.

It is not yet clear how or why the inmate swallowed it, but the medical team that operated on him believes that the device was smuggled into his prison to make contact outside the prison.

Police have not yet commented on the incident.

P1.2 million worth of marijuana was recovered in Kalinga

Two men were arrested for allegedly smuggling marijuana from Kalinga to Manila on Tuesday morning, September 7.

According to the Kalinga Police Provincial Office, the provincial intelligence unit received information about an SUV coming from Manila and allegedly picking up an individual allegedly transporting marijuana.

Police also found out that the said individual is from barangay Loccong, Tinglayan town, Kalinga, and has a warrant of arrest in case of violation of Republic Act 9165 or Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

When the verified who was in the SUV, they approached him to serve the arrest warrant. But the man allegedly pointed a gun at him and then slammed the vehicle.

There was a hot pursuit where and suspects exchanged gunfire until the SUV lost control and fell into the rice field.

The man was arrested and immediately taken to the hospital for treatment of the bullet wound.

His companion, an 18-year-old man from Pacak, barangay Agbannawag, Tabuk, was also arrested.

10 marijuana bricks weighing 10 kilos and worth P1.2 million were recovered inside the SUV.

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