Initial reports say shootout near Ever Gotesco Mall a misencounter

Early reports said that the shootout that is currently happening inside a fast food store near Ever Gotesco Mall is a misencounter between PDEA agents and a new group of cops from another city in Metro Manila.

The who responded to the shooting incident are yet to confirm the initial reports that have surfaced.

Meanwhile, the Ever Gotesco Management has issued a statement regarding the shooting incident.

“We have confirmed reports of a shootout that happened earlier outside of Ever Commonwealth. We have secured all access to the mall so all shoppers are inside. Our priority right now is to ensure the safety of the employees and the public. The management is closely coordinating with the PNP of the current situation,” it said in a statement.

“Please bear with us as we allow the authorities to handle the situation. For now, we hope for everyone’s cooperation to exercise caution in sharing unconfirmed information online,” it added.

Initial reports say shootout near Ever Gotesco Mall a misencounter

The police are currently confirming the identities of the individuals that were rescued from the area of the encounter since it is possible that the suspects have blended with those who were trapped in the fast food store.

Those who were at the scene said there were at least two fatalities in the shooting incident near Ever Gotesco Mall Commonwealth.

This is a developing story.

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