Infected Pimentel caught shopping at S&R BGC on March 16

S&R Membership Shopping BGC confirmed COVID-19 infected Senator Koko went shopping at their establishment on March 16, a week before he revealed that he was positive of the virus.

“Yesterday, March 25, there was a post circulating online about Senator Koko Pimentel seen shopping at S&R Bonifacio Global City. Upon learning this, we immediately reviewed our CCTVs and validated the transaction with our front-end personnels,” S&R said in a statement.

“It was confirmed that the senator was at S&R BGC on March 16, 2020. CCTC footage showed him checking out at counter 13 at exactly 1:59 PM,” it added.

The establishment also said the incident had caused them to put those who had direct contact in quarantine. They also took extra disinfection steps.

“We would like to assure S&R members that we are taking measures to maintain the safety of our members. We disinfect our stored daily and ascertain that our staff are clear prior to work. Shopping carts and handles, front-end belts, item shelves, and registers are kept clean every single day. Our employees are constantly reminded of the safety precautions regarding the virus,” it said.

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Infected Pimentel caught shopping at S&R BGC on March 16

The COVID-19 positive senator received massive criticisms after breached the -Delivery Complex’s strict infection and containment protocols on March 24.

The senator, “whose result for CoVID-19 testing turned out to be positive, brought his wife to the hospital for delivery via cesarean section.”

“Mr. Pimentel, should have realized the ardent desire of every well-meaning Filipino and every dedicated healthcare institution to contain the spread of the infection,” the statement said.

also called the senator’s “admonition for everyone to observe social distancing, enhanced community measures, washing of hands and personal hygiene nothing but empty rhetoric because himself violated all those.”

Conversations between staff surfaced online, saying the senator allegedly knew he was COVID-19 positive but kept it secret.

However, Pimentel earlier said he was already at the hospital when he found out that he tested positive of the virus.

“Yes (I was with Kath yesterday as she was scheduled to give birth this morning. I received the call from RITM when I was already in the hospital last night, hence left immediately,” he said.

Pimentel apologized for his actions and asked for the public’s understanding that he was an expectant father needed by his wife. The senator also said he did not cough inside the hospital, so he thinks he did not infect anyone there.