Indonesian president approves death penalty for child rapists

Indonesia President Puts ‘Death Penalty’ into Law for Child Rapists –

President Joko Widodo has signed a government regulation in lieu of the law approving the death penalty as a maximum sentence for sexual crimes against children.

The new regulation was signed this past Wednesday and offers chemical castration to the list of sentences a child molester or rapist can face within the country.


Officials said the added regulation also has a bonus, those who are not put to death will be embedded with an electronic chip in an effort to track their every movement.

Other forms of punishment which are included in the bill is the existence of life in jail, as well as a minimum 10 to 20 year sentence once convicted.

The President said in a new conference this week, “Sexual violence against children is an extraordinary crime.” He added, that he ‘hoped the new regulation would keep perpetrators in check and discourage sexual crimes.’


The call for the new law came on the heels of a brutal gang rape and murder of a 14-year-old schoolgirl in Bengkulu which took place in April.

The incident went viral on social media after activists spoke out – the incident sparked a public outcry, prompting protests in the capital city.

Previous laws in Indonesia only gave rapists a maximum sentence of 14-years in jail. The new law is not only meant for citizens of Indonesia, but also sex tourists who pray on the poor and needy of the country.

Recently a string of Australian nationals have been arrested in the country for child sex tourism. Australia has noted that anyone caught within the country or even their own country and convicted will serve Indonesia’s punishment and not their country’s more lenient laws.

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